Off-Page SEO – Go Beyond Backlinks

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Search Engine Optimization

There is more to off-page SEO than earning backlinks. Many effective and easy non-link-related SEO strategies exist that can greatly boost your off-site reputability and help you rank higher.

Off-Page SEO – What is it?

When attempting to improve search engine optimization with off-page SEO, backlinks are usually the first thing that comes to mind. But hold it right there. Earning backlinks is not the only off-page strategy that can help improve your search ranking position, and some of them do not involve any links at all!

Off-page SEO takes place outside of your website. The major focus here is earning quality backlinks, which act as a  “vote of confidence” between websites. When reputable websites within your niche ‘vote’ for you by giving you a backlink, search engines will see that your content as reputable and useful, which can help increase your website ranking. The same goes for other non-link related off-page SEO strategies, although they work a bit differently.

Some off-page SEO examples include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Brand mentions
  • Reviews

Keep reading find out about these off-page SEO strategies and how to employ them!

Should I Focus on On-Page or Off-Page SEO?

On-page SEO contains what your site is about and involves strategies such as tags, snippets, high quality images, backlinks you have given, building a website that is useable for people with disabilities or accessibility limitations – the list goes on and on. Basically, on-page SEO are the activities you conduct to build your website. Logically, this occurs before off-page SEO because you first need a foundation upon which to build the rest.

Once you are established, you cannot focus on off-page SEO aspects while ignoring on-page aspects. Without relevant and thoughtful content, it does not matter how many off-page SEO strategies you try. The two go hand in hand.

Beware that off-page SEO may seem daunting since you are dealing with factors that are not one hundred percent under your control. Remember that the more sought-after and difficult something is to earn, the more power it may have to boost your ranking. This is where non-link-related off-page SEO comes in. Going beyond backlinks when devising your off-page SEO strategy can be well worth it.

Off-Page SEO Strategies – Not Including Backlinks

It is hard to conceptualize a specific method of doing non-link-related off-page SEO. The end goal is to have external websites referencing your business or product. The off-page SEO strategies we are going to explore rely largely on human behaviour, which is of course hard to control or predict. The good news is: if you start using the off-page SEO strategies mentioned below, you can start to generate more shares and word-of-mouth recommendations. Real people will be sharing, reviewing, and mentioning the content they enjoy. 

  • Social Media Marketing: Your content is the fire; social media is you throwing gasoline on that fire. Great visual, isn’t it? Social media is an opportunity to gain an audience and mention your brand on various platforms. Promote yourself and advocate the reputability of your services. With relevant content, the likes and mentions continue to spread (like wildfire) and generate a customer base. Google states that they do not use social media as a direct ranking factor, but diving into social media is worthwhile to get eyes and ears scrolling and sharing your content. You are missing out on off-page SEO if you are not on social media yet. 
  • Influencer Marketing: Related to the above-mentioned social-media marketing tactic, this strategy employs ‘experts’ with a large social following within your niche to endorse you. This is another example of how social behaviour is intertwined with off-page SEO. A recommendation here can be powerful and act as proof to others that you are reliable and trustworthy. The audience trusts the influencer, so why not trust something they endorse? This is easier said than done. Getting an influencer to do this for you can be tough, especially if you are aiming for a well-known person with a popular channel. Blogger outreach takes time and persistence. Target authors that have written content like yours that contains links that are related to the topic at hand. Also consider the authors of sites you have given backlinks to. 
  • Brand Mentions: We know that linked brand mentions will contribute to SEO for your website, but what about unlinked ones? Google has termed linked mentions (called express links) and unlinked mentions (called implied links). The good news is that it pays attention to both. Since we know now that brand mentions are a great off-page SEO ranking factor – link or link-less – how do you go about getting more? Unique strategies such as guest blogging and guest podcasting help make your brand be noticed in off-page SEO. 
  • Reviews: Think of when you felt motivated enough (usually either by an extremely good or bad experience) to leave a review for a business or product. Reviews are often unlinked, but Google picks up on them as the third most important factor for ranking in the Google 3-pack, which showcases the top 3 businesses or products depending on the query. Customer reviews are not backlinks, but they can greatly influence rankings by strengthening SEO signals, gaining loyal customers who recruit others, getting more clicks and purchases, and improving your SERP (especially for local search queries). Not all reviews lead to improved rankings; there are many qualities that make a review influential. Regardless, the fact is that reviews can greatly help improve your ranking, and they are usually link-less. 

Off-Page SEO with a focus on backlinks is great, but there are many other aspects at play that can help endorse you on the web. Investigating how non-link-related off-page SEO works can definitely work in your favour when done correctly. 

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