InMarket Sales & Service Announces Local Sales Partnership with Canadian Black Book

TORONTO, Dec 19 – InMarket Sales and Services of Richmond Hill, ON announced today that they will be representing Canadian Black Book for local advertising sales across Canada, adding to the many recent successes for the young company.

“This is an excellent opportunity for InMarket to help new and used car dealers, access Canadian Black Book’s rich in-market audience,” says Chuck Kirkham, President of InMarket Sales. “In addition, this gives local dealers a unique platform to drive sales, support their brand and market promotions to targeted segments of Canadian Black Book’s 400,000 monthly visitors.”

Canadian Black Book is trusted by both dealers and consumers across Canada, to give fair valuations for vehicles.  Over 250,000 vehicle valuations are performed monthly on

Research and data show that 58% of Canadian Black Book users that enter the valuation process on the website are in-market for a vehicle within the next 90 days, while over 40% buy within the next 30 days.

The new website launched in early November 2018.  Advertisers are now able to target ads based on make, year, model, trim, purchase intent, language and geography.  The new user experience, for both consumers and advertisers, will be extremely engaging and highly relevant. 

“Canadian Black Book holds a unique position as an unbiased third party vehicle valuation, data and software provider.  This has made our website a popular destination, year after year, for millions of Canadians who are in the market to buy a vehicle.” Says Brad Rome, President of Canadian Black Book. “Our valuation tools are industry-leading sources for purchase intent-based data.  They provide unique opportunities to reach highly motivated vehicle buyers.”

About InMarket Sales

InMarket was founded in 2017, and handles advertising sales, creative services, sales support and digital ad trafficking for a multitude of brands including Star Metroland Media, The Economist Group, Canadian Black Book, CJN and Newspapers Atlantic.

About Canadian Black Book
For more than 55 years, Canadian Black Book has been the trusted and unbiased Canadian automotive industry source for vehicle values. Canadian Black Book is considered ‘The Authority’ for vehicle values. 

For press or advertising information, please contact InMarket Sales & Services.

Ontario, Maritimes or Press: Grace Tomines at 647-505-0458 or

Quebec: Mark Gravel at 514-513-5240 or

Western Canada: Pat Francone at 647-449-6323 or

We deliver unique access to Global Influencers

The Economist


The Economist has been delivering thought leadership to opinion leaders and influencers since 1843. Weekly issues provide analysis on the most important news shaping business, science and technology, politics, and culture that week.

Our audience pays a premium to subscribe to The Economist to digest our prescient perspective and to save them time.

Reaching over *960k+ influential readers worldwide, Economist offers an ideal environment for brands to engage with their target audiences. (*Source: Print only global circulation – ABC World Wide Brand Report JD 2017)

Our Digital Edition

We reach over 386 k+ unique devices globally every week. Take full advantage of this digital transition and follow our premium readers as they engage with The Economist on tablets and mobiles.

We see great engagement rates on the digital ads. The tap through rate is 2.4%, on average (and 6% on the cover position).

Our Digital Edition ads are embedded within the app and not ad-served – they are therefore immune to ad blocking software. Our reporting capabilities include heat maps that allow us to see how users are interacting with ads and use those learnings to improve user experience.


Who are these influencers?
World leaders
Forward-thinking executives


What characterizes them?
Professionally driven
Tech Savvy
Creative, optimistic, like to be challenged
University educated
Frequent travelers
Current and future subscribers of The Economist





What do we know about our audience, and how do we know it?

Global Customer Database
Economist Intelligence Unit
Executive Education Navigator
Social Media & Platforms

What We Know About Them: 
Education level
Job Title
Job Function
Content consumption (online)
Behavioral data
Web analytics

Live Events
Online Fairs


How we better understand our audience

In order to enhance our audience insights we work in partnership with several leading 3rd party data providers. This enables us to enrich the profiles we have on our subscribers, readers and customers with access to additional insights.

These insights are collected via:
– Surveys
– IP address information
– Intent data that is obtained by monitoring users’ behavior on the web
– Transactional data



How do we use our insights to better categorize, select and target, so you can have a more successful advertising campaign?

The profile and attribute information we have on our audience is organized in our data management platform (DMP). This database allows us to categorize, select and segment our audience to precision target the most relevant group of prospects for our customers.

Example segments include:
– Strategic IT
– Financial Advisors
– Institutional Investors
– Healthcare Executives
– Executive Education
– Thought leaders
– Frequent Business travelers


How we market to our audience on your behalf

The Economist Group engages our highly valuable audience on behalf of clients to help them have a meaningful opportunity to connect with them.

Through a variety of on and off domain tactics we help brands to:
 – Align with premium content in brand safe environments
 – Reach and engage prospect customers
 – Maximize scale and reach to target audiences
 – Re-engage users
 – Tell a story using sequential messaging
 – Amplify and distribute content
 – Generate leads



How we ensure relevant context, brand safety, precision targeting and reach

ECONOMIST.COM provides senior business executives a highly engaging environment, relevant content and an incredibly captive audience of Economist subscribers and readers.

It offers the traditional Economist editorial perspective, and a highly usable and accessible website design, enabling them to achieve their objectives quickly and efficiently.

33 million+
Page views

11 million+
Unique Visitors

17 million+



How we increase FREQUENCY with The Economist Audience

Audience Extension gives our clients the opportunity to target The Economist readers and
subscribers anywhere across the web, any time and on any device.

Follow these readers once they leave our domain and engage with their passion points in
areas like news, finance, technology, lifestyle, entertainment and sports, using our first party data and audience insights we identify our readers & re-engage them.

How we increase REACH through targeting Look-A-Like Audiences

Ideas People Media [IPM] is a select alliance of 85+ premium digital publishers covering Global News, Business, Science, Innovation, Lifestyle & Culture. These sites have all been hand-curated by The Economist Group through a research survey wherein we asked our subscribers and followers on social to share with us their favorite premium content providers. This select group of sites reaches an audience of thought leaders with a similar psychograph to our readers. They are influential, well-connected, opinionated and globally curious. This is the audience we target as “tomorrow’s subscribers” of The Economist.

We work in close partnership with these publishers and have access to first look, high-quality inventory before it is made available in the open auction.

We ensure brand safety and contextual alignment alongside meaningful content.

Ads will only appear within trusted environments and within this ultimate white list of premium sites.


Please get in touch with us below to chat with your dedicated InMarket sales representative about advertising opportunities with The Economist

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