InMarket Sales & Service Announces Local Sales Partnership with Canadian Black Book

TORONTO, Dec 19 – InMarket Sales and Services of Richmond Hill, ON announced today that they will be representing Canadian Black Book for local advertising sales across Canada, adding to the many recent successes for the young company.

“This is an excellent opportunity for InMarket to help new and used car dealers, access Canadian Black Book’s rich in-market audience,” says Chuck Kirkham, President of InMarket Sales. “In addition, this gives local dealers a unique platform to drive sales, support their brand and market promotions to targeted segments of Canadian Black Book’s 400,000 monthly visitors.”

Canadian Black Book is trusted by both dealers and consumers across Canada, to give fair valuations for vehicles.  Over 250,000 vehicle valuations are performed monthly on

Research and data show that 58% of Canadian Black Book users that enter the valuation process on the website are in-market for a vehicle within the next 90 days, while over 40% buy within the next 30 days.

The new website launched in early November 2018.  Advertisers are now able to target ads based on make, year, model, trim, purchase intent, language and geography.  The new user experience, for both consumers and advertisers, will be extremely engaging and highly relevant. 

“Canadian Black Book holds a unique position as an unbiased third party vehicle valuation, data and software provider.  This has made our website a popular destination, year after year, for millions of Canadians who are in the market to buy a vehicle.” Says Brad Rome, President of Canadian Black Book. “Our valuation tools are industry-leading sources for purchase intent-based data.  They provide unique opportunities to reach highly motivated vehicle buyers.”

About InMarket Sales

InMarket was founded in 2017, and handles advertising sales, creative services, sales support and digital ad trafficking for a multitude of brands including Star Metroland Media, The Economist Group, Canadian Black Book, CJN and Newspapers Atlantic.

About Canadian Black Book
For more than 55 years, Canadian Black Book has been the trusted and unbiased Canadian automotive industry source for vehicle values. Canadian Black Book is considered ‘The Authority’ for vehicle values. 

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