Why Ontario Car Dealers Should Advertise on Facebook

Facebook is a central social and commercial hub for most Ontario residents. Users are increasingly turning to Facebook for information on purchases and are buying immediately after. Facebook is a great touchpoint for many businesses to connect with potential customers and drive sales. Recent data suggests that Facebook has become an especially important part of the car buyer journey.

According to research by the CMO Council:

  • 38% of consumers will consult Facebook or other social media when making their next car purchase.
  • 23% of car buyers use social media to communicate or discuss their purchase experience.
  • 84% of automotive shoppers are on Facebook and 24% of them have used Facebook as a resource for making their vehicle purchases.
  • 40% of new car purchases over the next 10 years will be made by Millennials, a demographic who are highly engaged with Facebook.
  • 94% of Millennial car buyers gather information online.

To reach these potential car buyers and convert them into customers, Ontario automotive dealerships must run timely and targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Facebook ads can be served to custom demographics based on age, gender, location, behaviour and interest. Dealerships can tailor campaigns by interest in a specific brand (Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Mercedes Audi, BMW) or vehicle category (luxury vehicles, SUVs, compact sport utility vehicles, crossover).

Ads can also be served to specific contacts, potential customers on an email list and fans of your page. They can also be targeted to people that like competitor or manufacturer pages or to look-a-like audiences that share characteristics with fans of your page or competitor pages.

Demographic characteristics should always be overlaid with geographic targeting so dealerships can stay within their PMA or trading area. Ads can be targeted by town/city, radius, FSA, province and country.

As you go, Facebook will automatically track your campaign and optimize it based on performance to ensure your campaign reaches the most interested users.

To learn more about Facebook advertising and how it can amplify you Ontario dealership or business, contact us. Our team can quickly create a Facebook advertising campaign on your behalf and manage it to ensure it delivers quality leads.