AI Vending Machine To Give Free Gifts to Toronto Moms

Mothers willing to share holiday confessions will be treated to custom holiday gifts by an artificially intelligent vending machine.

As part of an experience marketing campaign promoting A Bad Moms Christmas, Entertainment One is placing a vending machine with AI capabilities at locations throughout Toronto. From now until November 3, moms can confide in the vending machine and receive a free gift in exchange.

The machine’s AI interface, developed by Usful, will select a personalized gift based on the shared confession. The giveaways include Molly Maid gift certificates, Buck Naked Soap bath bombs, McGregor holiday socks, Kernels gift cards, Her Majesty’s Pleasure gift cards and Bad Moms products.

The machine is currently at the Mogo Lounge and will move to Billy Bishop airport over the weekend. It will then spend a few days at the Promenade Mall’s Women’s Fitness Clubs of Canada and then go to Her Majesty’s Pleasure salon.

Experience marketing campaigns create relationships between consumers and brands by immersing them in enjoyable and memorable experiences. These experiences create positive emotions around your brand and turns audiences into loyal customers.