How Canadians View Traditional & Digital Advertising

Annual research by Ad Standards has revealed surprising findings on how Canadians view different types of advertising.

The 2017 survey of 1,500 Canadians found that:

  • Consumers tend to view traditional advertising platforms as more accurate and trustworthy than in previous years. This includes newspaper, radio, magazine, TV and bus shelter ads. This is great news for publishers!

  • Millennials have more favourable and trusting views of digital advertisements than the general population.
  • A digital ad is viewed as more trustworthy if it comes from a brand the consumer is familiar with. It is also seen as trustworthy based on approval from Ad Standards, if the ad provides information sources and if the viewer has seen it on TV.
  • One third of respondents said they were exposed to ads they deemed unacceptable.
  • Nearly half of the respondents said they stopped buying a product due to an unacceptable ad.
  • The most common reason offered for deeming an ad unacceptable was false or dishonest advertising and the blame is usually placed on the company or brand.

These advertising trends are crucial for businesses, retailers and advertisers to keep in mind when crafting a targeted advertising campaign, ad content, and selecting outreach channels.

Build a campaign with a great mix of traditional and digital media to increase brand awareness, establish credibility and build relationships with your target audience. Get in touch with InMarket and find out what media mix and message would work best for your business.


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