Canadians Prefer Brick and Mortar Retail to Online Shopping

A study by BMO Capital Markets has revealed that Canadians prefer to shop in physical retail stores over e-commerce stores like Amazon.

The bank surveyed 1,200 shoppers, who overwhelmingly said that they would rather buy the same product at the same price in-store from retailers like Canadian Tire, Walmart or Dollarama.


According to BMO analyst Peter Sklar, the survey proves that retailers like Canadian Tire, Canada’s favorite shopping source for products as varied as hockey sticks, skates and tires may very well be insulated from the potentially catastrophic impact of Amazon.

What does this mean for Canadian retailers? Online shopping may be here to stay, but as long you can compete on price, shoppers won’t stop flocking through your doors any time soon.

Note: The question poised to the shoppers assumed that the products were the same price, and only considered products in five categories priced between $1.25 and $30.