Outstanding in our field

Outstanding in our field

It has been a blast subletting space at 1 Yonge and to work in the same building as The Star. Now it is time for the kids to grow up and move out on our own.

In what can only be described at best ironic, and at worst, idiotic, the InMarket offices are moving to Richmond Hill. You can find us working at:

InMarket Sales & Service
50 Staples Avenue
Unit 2, Suite 200
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 0A7

You will find us right beside the farmer’s recently plowed field and the forest over run with deer. Not quite “in market”, but definitely outstanding in our field!

Most of our sales team (none of which are pictured above) works remotely so our physical location will not affect our ability to service any of our clients. The sales staff are cast across the GTA working and living in their territories from downtown, to Oakville, Brampton, Bolton, Richmond Hill, North York, Ajax, and Pickering.