We Are InMarket

We are three months old. It’s time to tell everyone about us.

InMarket Sales & Service Inc. was formed in the maelstrom that was distress, support, a former workplace falling apart, a new company forming, grief, joy, lost opportunity and new-found hope. It has been a whirlwind. It all started March 1, 2017.

What is InMarket’s goal? Bring more customers to your business.

InMarket is an advertising sales and service company based in Toronto. Whether you are a local, national or international publisher looking to increase your revenues or an advertiser looking for the exact same thing, we are aligned; more customers.

On the publisher’s side, we work with:

  1. The Toronto Star – to drive local sales to Toronto’s largest daily circulation newspaper and their desktop and mobile sites: thestar.com, wheels.ca, starauctions.ca, toronto.com and Star Touch
  2. Metro Toronto – to drive more sales to their free daily newspaper
  3. The Canadian Jewish News – to drive digital growth to their revamped website
  4. The Economist Group – This London based world leader in news and business has chosen InMarket as their country sales agent in Canada for print and digital growth

For the advertisers, we bring solutions that are based on your needs. We have over 65 different products that you can select from to bring more customers to your business.

These solutions include targeted digital display, rich media, native ads, custom content, video, social media management and marketing, search, email lists, print ads, and flyers.

Our service team creates and traffics ads, create and post content, manage campaigns, answer customer questions and concerns, provide reporting, and then change all of that if we need to – immediately.

The name InMarket was selected because that is what we are. We don’t have a phone room. We don’t have templates. We work in our customers’ world of finding more business.

If you are interested in learning more about what InMarket Sales & Service Inc can do for your business growth please reach out to us at any time. We can help you. We are InMarket.