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  Who Are We?

We are a full-service sales and marketing agency. Our high-performance sales team works with prestige legacy publishers and web start-ups from across Canada and the world as their authorized local sales force. Our marketing and business partnerships ensure we can maintain a strong lock on your existing customers, attract that ever harder to find new customer, while working solely to improve your bottom line and ROI. InMarket believes in the strength of local knowledge and strategies to grow your business.

  Our Process



We survey and analyze local business and consumer spend to determine your market opportunity.



We develop strategies and channels to deliver your specifically crafted marketing to target the right audience.




We measure the results of our efforts and apply this curated knowledge to continually improve your sales and marketing investment.


  Our Solutions

01. Web Audit, Design, Development & Optimization

We review the basics or your online footprint. How secure is your site? Are your webpages optimized and tagged properly? Does your site reflect your inventory? Is your site seen in your local community? Should your site be e-commerce enabled? Are you using links and directories to build your presence? Do your social media feeds align with your own site’s content?

02. Marketing Strategy, Campaign Management & Execution

From campaign creation to on- and off-site management, we develop strategies that ensure your business is maximizing its profits. We monitor and track public responses to develop effective campaign strategies.

03. Design & Content Studio

Using locally sourced creative talent we can produce ads, videos, artwork, production, content, printing, POP & POS material, signage and even business cards!

04. Information that Informs

Make better decisions with data that supports investment, marketing, sales, and advertising. Data should clarify your objective rather than confuse it. Data points are collected and analyzed from marketing, customer lists, delivery patterns, SKU’s, in store and on site traffic.

05. Local Sales & Service

Let us coordinate your sales strategies and operations to ensure that your business is hitting, and even surpassing, its sales targets. We work with publishers and software developers to increase sales in our locally defined market. We will hire and manage a shared or exclusive sales team on your behalf. We tie into your CRM and reporting tools to give you instant and recognizable sales data.

06. Decisions For Growth

Are you outgrowing your traditional markets? Do you need help identifying where your next growth opportunity lies? Let us help you frame the right questions to provide the right answers. Move forward with confidence while protecting your current markets from predators.

  Our Partners


The Economist Group (TEG)

The Economist is the world’s leading source for business, financial, and political content. InMarket, through their partnership with The Economist Group, has developed an exclusive Canadian strategy for their print and digital editions. InMarket can also deliver your message across TEG’s multinational network of influential and hard-to-reach audiences via advertising, sponsorships, conferences, and local market or new product consulting services.



QQuote’s online platform immediately adds profits to an automotive dealership’s bottom-line. QQuote is built with easy-to-use features that delivers a consistent quoting platform for tires, tire packages, parts and accessories in less than 3 clicks. QQuote is built to be used by dealership staff or directly by the consumer through your website. QQuote is more than a software, it’s a customer retention, marketing, sales and operations tool.


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